Christian Preschool of Atonement Lutheran – Teacher

Christian Preschool of Atonement Lutheran
Job Description – Teacher

Program Mission Statement
The Christian Preschool of Atonement Lutheran shares God’s love through Jesus Christ in south Seattle. We assist and work together with parents to nurture and develop the whole child – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially.

Teacher Requirements:
-Is a regularly-attending member of an LCMS congregation.
-Demonstrates Christian character.
-Has earned at least an Associate of Arts Degree, or has an alternate approved Early Childhood education.
-Has Five years of teaching experience with young children (desired).
-Agrees to regular criminal background checks.
-Has a CPR/ First Aid certificate and a Food Handler’s permit.

Teacher Hours:
-Approximately 20 hours/week
-If the Director is also the Teacher, both roles combine to about 25 hours/week

Classroom Duties:
-Follow all reasonable instructions given by the Preschool Committee and Director, as well as the Staff Expectations in the official Preschool Operating Policy handbook.
-Plan and implement the curriculum in accordance with the Mission Statement and objectives of the Preschool, under the supervision of the Director.
-Set up and maintain an appropriate classroom environment for young children and be in charge of the classroom operation and playground activities.
-Communicate well with the Teacher Aide and oversee that the Teacher Aide is following adopted program policies.
-Keep a written record of weekly lesson plans in an accessible place for substitutes.
-Keep track of all children’s progress and discuss with parents when needed. Teachers of Pre-K students will give a written assessment of children’s progress to parents twice a year. Parents of Pre-K students will also have a conference with the Teacher in the spring.
-Seek to make a connection with the families, not just the students.
-The Teacher is responsible for bulletin boards (could be delegated).
-Attend required staff meetings and Preschool events.

If interested, please contact Stephanie Hawkins at: or work phone: (206) 277-7160.

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