Prayer Wall

Concordia Lutheran Church, Oak Harbor WA

Lord, as we enter into a new week we look at our calendars and see that this Friday is Veteran’s Day, a Federal holiday. A bit of history: World War I ended at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 when Armistice was signed. Later, Armistice Day was changed to Veteran’s Day to celebrate all veterans of all military services. We thank all those who have served whether in wartime, peace, active now, or inactive protecting the freedoms you have given to us and for others. Lord, as your followers, we are in a battle all the time. You have called us to be your soldiers of the faith now and forever, lifting high the Cross of Jesus where he gave His life to save us from our sins. Help us to shine forth your love to all throughout the world, being soldiers of your cross. In Jesus’ name, we pray… Lord, we come to you praying for Concordia Lutheran Church in Oak Harbor, Washington. Guide Pastor Mark Hanson in his leadership as he shepherds this congregation in worship and praise to you each week. Bless their endeavors in outreach within the congregation and to the local community. Bless their monthly fellowship meetings and single adult fellowship meetings for members and friends. May the classes they hold fulfill the needs of both community and congregation while giving participants a Christ-centered place to learn. In Jesus’ name, we pray…

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