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DECEMBER 21, 2022

Dear Lord, as we are in the Advent season of the church year, it also seems like we are in the tourist season for many people. After a recent trip, I thought about Mary and Joseph and their journey to Bethlehem. Most articles talk about 90 miles in walking distance from Nazareth to Bethlehem. No shelters, no hotels, no campgrounds along the way. Just the sun and stars to guide them. Wild animals and thieves possible at moment, but God provided and kept them safe. I wonder what Mary was thinking as they walked, since she was nearing the time to give birth. Would they find a place to stay? Would they find a safe place for her baby to be born? Oh, the questions she and Joseph would have had. Yet in all this, they knew God had chosen them to take this journey. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself – how far would you go? Would you trust God to see you through this journey? Lord, do I trust you to be my guiding light this year and every year going forward? Whatever my trials and tribulations, do I find your guiding hand in my life?
Lord, we just lit the fourth candle this past Sunday – the Love Candle (and some call it the Angel’s Candle). We thank you for your great love for us by sending your son, born of a virgin in a manger, who lived a sinless life while on earth teaching about you and healing those who came to him. As you had the angels share the Good News of Jesus’ birth to the lowly shepherds in the fields, may we share your love with family and friends and the community surrounding us each and every day. This we especially pray for at Christmas time. In your name, Jesus, we pray…

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