Episode 5: “Dealing with Conflict” — What 8th Graders Taught Me!

Who starts their day wanting to be in conflict?!
Fight or flight? There is a third way.
The leadership of being present, being engaged, and communicating.
Practicing confession and forgiveness in an 8th-grade classroom.
“How have I contributed to this situation?” — go around the circle.
A leader answers the question first!
A leader models vulnerability.
“Empty piety” does not heal relationships, facing sin together and inviting Jesus into the relationship heals it.
The Spirit helps us be vulnerable, offer forgiveness, and brings healing.
It is a practice and a behavior, not just something we talk about.
Not you or me, but we.
Let a younger generation and the Spirit teach you new things.
Question: “What is it that God is trying to teach me through the people I serve today?”

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