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“Resilient pastors hold realism and hope in beautiful tension.”

(David Kinnaman, President of Barna Group, in the foreword to “The Resilient Pastor: Leading Your Church in a Rapidly Changing World,” by Glenn Packiam, based on Barna’s Pastoral Research)

NOW District staff “help leaders do their best work together,” so you can be resilient in the midst of the adaptive challenges of the 21st Century. This page curates a variety of leadership services (one-on-one leadership coaching is an essential support for leaders seeking to grow and go with the Good News of Jesus Christ).

1. Leader Coaching for Resilience

“Discerning the way forward under the Holy Spirit’s guidance.”

A leadership coach is in your corner as you seek Christ’s heart and His direction. The leadership coach asks powerful questions, helps you set targets, and supports your follow-through on goals for real results. Credentialed coaches don’t tell a leader what to do; they bring wisdom and skills to help you articulate your focus as you grow in resilience.

The NOW District is committed to delivering top-tier coaching as a primary investment to help leaders do their best work (for educator coaching, please connect with Education Services).

2. Leadership Services and Partner Links

The President’s Office provides ecclesiastical supervision, support for mediation and conflict resolution between leaders and within congregations, and a number of pathways towards leadership growth. Below are some options provided as the next steps for leaders. Please reach out to us for further assistance, as we believe in matching support to the leader rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach.