Leader Holistic Wellness

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No leader is omnipotent! A regular plan that includes self-care allows leaders to have deep wells that can be poured out in ministry.

Healthy leaders display a balance of health across a number of inter-related areas (hence the “wheel” metaphor): Spiritual Health, Family Health, Career & Leadership Development, Stress Resilience, Social Involvement (Outside of Vocation), Physical Health, Financial Health, and Coaching and Mentors.

The NOW District Wellness Wheel is an easy-to-use, confidential, online resource available to all leaders for an annual “pulse check” that is a foundation for setting new personal and professional goals. If you are a leader in the NOW District, please consider setting a reminder in your calendar to complete the Wellness Wheel Self-Assessment as the first step in your annual focus on holistic care for yourself. If you need wellness support as a leader, please reach out to our office. We are a part of your network of support.

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