Ministry Clarity and Starting New

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Starting New

“Gaining clarity” in an existing ministry and “starting new” may seem opposing, but -- whether you are doing one or both -- they share a single lens: a focus on “being a blessing” rather than gathering people or programs to support something that already exists.

This is no small re-orientation. Every leader daily faces the challenge of keeping eyes on Jesus who says, “Go make disciples.” This means living a life that fulfils His commission to be a blessing to people. Jesus counts one person at a time! Seeking to be a blessing is less about “what” and “how,” and more about “why” and “who.” Who is with us on this journey, and why are we doing it? Furthermore, it matters that a ministry seeks to keep a “physical footprint” in its community. We need tangible bridges. The job of the NOW District in “Ministry Clarity and Starting New” is to help you – working with other leaders – focus on being a blessing and maintaining and launching active ministry bridges.

The recommendation of the NOW District is that leaders consider these four interlocking categories as you enter processes of ministry clarity or starting new:

Our expectation is that leaders interested in these processes are first and foremost participants in the NOW Start Network, a groundswell of leaders from across the Northwest focused on starting new (link below). Please reach out to us with further questions as you have need. We are here to coach and connect!