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Rev. Dr. Paul A. Linnemann, President

Paul's speech at the 2016 LCMS Synod Convention on what we stand for and how we provide care for leaders through ecclesiastical supervision is titled “President Linnemann Re-aligns Delegates to Mission of Accountability”

NOW District President Paul Linnemann has served the mission of the Gospel in a variety of positions over his many years of ministry: Lutheran school teacher, Director of Christian Education, faculty member at Concordia University, Portland, Lutheran counselor, pastor, NOW District Secretary, and, currently, as NOW District President.

He is a product of Lutheran schools from elementary school to high school to college to seminary. Most importantly, he was born to two Lutheran educators whose life and ministries helped shape his perspective on many aspects of life and ministry. He and his wife, Cindy, have been partners in ministry throughout their life together since 1981. God has blessed them with three married children and four lively grandsons.

“Helping Leaders Do Their Best Work Together”

What does the partnership between the District and a congregational ministry look like? Many people assume this is a question of authority, like “Who’s in charge?” But in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod authority isn’t a top down matter at all. Authority is found in the Word of God. The role of the Northwest District staff is one of influence and support. Our target is to help ministries identify their vision and their leaders, and then to help them do their best work on the ground in their local communities. We do this through coaching, personal encouragement, the development of resources, and the building of personal and professional networks, among other things. The Northwest District staff does, indeed, help leaders do their best work... together.

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