Episode 11: And Now For Something Completely Different: Joy in Ministry

Paul and Dust take a side-journey into Joy, and its more than fun!
Joy is transcendent. We were made for Joy.
A conversation about having joy like a child.
The opposite of Joy is fear.
Joy is independent of circumstance.
Happiness and Joy are not synonyms. We don’t have to be happy about something to be joyful about it.
Experiencing Joy is being a “participant-observer” instead of being the “actor.”
Time-lapse photography and Joy.
Connecting the dots in the painting to find a heart-shaped reality.
“A foretaste of the feast to come”—experiencing the aroma that leads us home.
Joy shows us we are made for something more, and we are.
For leaders: “Come and See!” we don’t manufacture Joy, but we can help people experience it.

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