Episode 30: COVID19: Responding Missionally (Audio from NAME VideoConference)

What is a mission-focused response for the challenges of the COVID19 Pandemic? Dust facilitates a national video-conference conversation (this podcast is the audio portion) hosted by the North American Mission Endeavor. NAME is the formal organization of LCMS district mission executives and other LCMS partner executive leaders. The bulk of the conversation is a presentation/response by Rev. Chris Paavola, church planter at All Nations Church, followed by a panel response, and some following questions. The four questions addressed by Rev. Paavola: 1. How does the church use this opportunity to multiply, equip, and release lay leaders in this new reality? 2. How can existing churches be proactive as a Spirit-led movement of multiplication, rather than merely conserving the normal by making it smaller? 3. What permissions and resources do missionally thinking lay leaders need from our leaders in the church? 4. What are some practical suggestions for sharing the Easter message with our families and neighbors?

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