NOWLeading Podcast: President Linnemann Shares ‘The Heart of Ministry’

Listen in for a new and very important NOWLeading Podcast episode: Paul Linnemann looks back on his almost 15 years of ministry as District President. He recently announced his early retirement, with First Vice President Rev. Mike Von Behren accepting the call to take his place in May 2024 (read more here). As Linnemann prepares to transition to the next steps, he takes some time to look back on the many wonderful and fulfilling things he’s learned during his time at the helm. Join him and Dust Kunkel as he shares stories of Jesus’ love and reflects on the powerful influence of loving people “one person at a time.”

“For me, ministry has always been about people, and not about ideas,” Linnemann said. “Obviously, it’s a part of ministry to bring ideas into peoples’ lives and to encourage them to really think about how they can relate to those and the difference that that context makes as they live their faith.”
“People come first,” Kunkel said.
“Absolutely,” Linnemann said. “And I think that’s following Jesus.”

Listen to the full episode below.

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