2022 NOW District Convention – Day 3

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The 2022 NOW District finished strong with a productive final day of business on June 11.

Though time was limited, delegates were able to work together to adopt the following Resolutions:

  • Resolution 2-03a (“To Consider the Use of Deacons in Word and Sacrament Ministry”)
  • Resolution 2-11 (“To Support Lutheran Latino Ministries”)
  • Resolution 1-04a (“To Strengthen Regionalization and Develop a Process of Determining Date and Location for the Northwest District Convention”)
  • Resolution 1-05 (“To Identify and Support Regionally Unique Ministry Opportunities”)
  • Resolution 2-09 (“To Encourage District Staff and Boards to Include Ethnic Representation”)

David Kinnaman took the stage yet again – and again, offered eye-opening data collected by Barna. This session included a focus on “why we need resilient pastors.” He noted that it takes real effort to figure out how to respond to the pressures our pastors are facing today.

“I’m asking you… to give us new thoughts, new ideas, a fresh vision to be strong and courageous in light of these incredible pressure points we face,” he said.

In each of his presentations, Kinnaman brought research showing what the current climate really looks like for pastors, leaders, and churches.

The morning also included a short message from Concordia University Irvine President Michael Thomas – showing the strength of our partnership with other West Coast ministries. He was able to talk about some of the opportunities at CUI.
Before officers were installed and the gavel came down to close the 66th Convention, President Linnemann welcomed LWML representatives on stage to share greetings and an update on the many fruitful things they are doing.

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