Bracelet Project Spreads from Portland

On April 28, 2022, two ladies from Ascension Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon, along with Pastor Jim Sprengle, delivered 11,000 Evangelism Bracelets to the LCMS Mission office in St. Louis. Making the bracelets was a months-long project of the congregation. Bracelet workshops were organized before the Lenten midweek worship services.

There also were accompanying cards explaining the meaning of each of the beads: Yellow for God’s gift of heaven
Black for our sin
Cross for Jesus’ sacrifice
Red for His blood, White for our forgiveness
Green for our growth in new life

Thousands more have been sent to Kenya and Haiti. An LCMS Mission Board delegation is going to India in June and plans to bring along this supply of bracelets for use by seminary students there. The students will give out the bracelets in their evangelism outings, encouraging people to wear them, and explain the meaning to others.

Rev. Dr. Herb Hoefer

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