Day 6 of the LCMS National Convention

We Preach Christ Crucified – Day 6 of the LCMS National Convention
Thursday, August 3

Contributed by Pastor Steve Heinsen
Northwest District Secretary

Much important business awaited the delegates this morning. The desire to finish the business at hand was evident.

Matins was led by the Rev. Joseman Hoem. At President Matthew Harrison’s request, the schedule for the day was changed to allow various floor committees to finish their business. Before getting this started, a motion was made from the floor to add a resolution entitled “To Call For Repentance and Forgiveness by All Parties to the Concordia Texas Conflict.” The motion failed by a 54% to 46% margin.

Floor Committee #4 – Life Together led the charge. Amy Schweim, a Northwest District delegate from Immanuel, Puyallup, Washington introduced Resolution 4-01A, and also shared her experience as a commissioned worker in taking part with a floor committee.

The following resolutions were adopted in the morning session for Committee #4:

Committee #4 – Life Together
4-01A – To Commend and Encourage Continued Use of The Koinonia Project and Give Thanks to God for the Sainted Rev. Dr. Herbert C. Mueller, Jr. – All congregations and people of the Synod are encouraged to use the Koinonia Project and its materials in times of conflict.
4-04 – To Give Thanks for Spanish Language Hymnal Himnario Luterano and Commend Its Use – This is a new Spanish language hymnal for use in Lutheran churches.
4-02 – To Affirm and Continue Making Disciples for Life as Mission and Ministry Emphasis for 2023-2026 Triennium – All Districts and congregations are encouraged to ground their local mission and ministry upon the Syond’s emphasis of Making Disciples for Life.
4-03 – To Affirm and Continue Mission Priorities for 2023-2026 Triennium – The Synod’s current seven mission priorities will be continued for the next three years.
4-07 – To Give Thanks for Preservation of the Gospel in the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod
4-06 – To Encourage In-Person Corporate Worship

A number of remaining elections were then held.

Up next was Floor Committee #9 – Structure and Administration. A Resolution to appoint a task committee to consider implications of adopting a four-year convention cycle, instead of the current three-year cycle, (9-09A) failed.

The following Resolutions were adopted in the morning session for Committee #9:

Committee #9 – Structure and Administration
9-10A – To Amend Bylaws 3.6.4 and to Clarify Use of Lutheran Church Extension Fund Financial Resources and Related Services – The Lutheran Church Extension Fund is now given approval, with the formal approval of the Synod Board of Directors, to provide financial resources not only within the Synod, but beyond the Synod.
9-12 – To Amend Bylaw to Change How Subsequent Ballots are Determined in Election of Synod President – For this election, versus a “receiving less than 15% of the ballots cast shall be dropped from the ballot,” only the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes would be dropped for any additional ballots.

A Resolution submitted to change the voting for the Synod President from the congregations to the Synod Convention itself was not brought to the floor by the committee and died in committee.
According to Standing Rule #24, in the final two days of the Convention, the Synod President has the authority to call up resolutions he deems important without the right of the convention body to appeal his decision.

Committee #6 – Pastoral Ministry and Seminaries came to the floor next.

The following Resolutions were adopted in the morning session for Committee #6:

Committee #6 – Pastoral Ministry and Seminaries
6-04 – To Affirm and Provide Guidance for the Service of Laity – Congregations are to reserve the distinct functions of the office of the Holy Ministry for pastors and not utilize laity for pastoral service in vacancies, church planting, and the like.
6-05 – To Affirm and Clarify Bylaw by Amending – LCMS laymen and commissioned ministers who complete a program of study leading to ordination or its equivalent at a non-LCMS seminary are not eligible for colloquy on that basis. Instead, they would be required to go through the SMP program, EIIT program, or the like.
6-07A – To Recommend and Implement Rigorous Program of Study in Circuit Winkels – Pastors are encouraged to embrace the traditional Synod conference Winkel model. The Synod will provide a template for what this model will look like.
6-09 – To Recognize and Honor the Pastor’s Wife
6-06A – To Support and Participate in Post-Seminary Applied Learning and Support and Preach the Word – All Synod congregations and pastors are encouraged to support and participate in PALS and Preach the Word.

Committee #3 – Mercy was the final floor committee to present.

The following Resolutions were adopted in the morning session for Committee #3

Committee #3 – Mercy
3-05 – To Recognize and Thank the Synod for Mercy Shown to God’s People through COVID-19 Pandemic

Chairman Matthew Harrison then thanked the volunteers and workers for the convention. As the convention draws to a close and we all return to the communities that the Lord has brought us to, my prayer is that we would continue working to connect people to Jesus with joy and hope in the Lord’s promises for us.

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