Discover the Exciting Updates at Mission Training Center

What’s new with Mission Training Center? Well, a lot! For starters, they have an amazing new logo. They also recently released a short video outlining some of the ways they help leaders better serve their church and community. Watch it here and below.

MTC is a robust lay leadership training platform that helps develop women and men for mission. It is supported by the West Coast LCMS Districts (CNH, NOW, PSD) in partnership with Concordia University Irvine (and other expansion possibilities are “in the works”). The courses are all online, with emerging asynchronous access, so people can join from anywhere, at any time, in the world.

Through MTC’s online platform and network of LCMS instructors, participants will grow in knowing what they believe and why they believe it, as well as develop a wide variety of skills to enhance service to their church and witness in the community. This helps congregations “build a bench” of leaders to competently (and confidently) support their pastor and ministry goals.

MTC develops people through training opportunities centered in the Bible and taught through the lens of God’s mission. It’s perfect for those who:
–Want to be better prepared to join God in His mission by serving more intentionally in your congregation or community
–Are interested in serving in organizations which require or expect a level of missional Biblical competency and knowledge
–Are part of a congregation that needs well-trained leaders
–Are on a track to enter a seminary program or another organization in order to take further steps toward trained and/or professional ministry

Ready to sign up for a course? Visit MTC’s website to see the schedule!

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