Lutheran School Encouragement Grant_ New Opportunity for Portland-Area Ministries


Introducing… a brand new, one-time funding opportunity for Lutheran ministries who are within a 30-mile radius of downtown Portland!

The Lutheran School Encouragement Grant was created in order to support either starting a new Lutheran elementary school or high school, or expanding on a current school ministry you may already operate (e.g., adding additional elementary and/or high school levels to your school ministry). This grant is available to ANY Lutheran ministry within the 30-mile radius of downtown Portland, not just LCMS. Read the complete guidelines.

For applicants with sufficient vision and planning in place, one-time grants of approximately $100,000 may be available. These grants were made possible through legacy funding from the Portland Lutheran Association for Christian Education. They are only for Lutheran ministries within a 30-mile radius of downtown Portland — which can include on the Washington side of the Columbia River. If you are unsure of whether you qualify by distance, please contact Jim Scriven, NOW District Executive Director, EC-12 Education Services.

Grant funds may be used for capital improvements, staffing, materials, marketing, technology — anything needed to help your school growth project move forward. Strong applications will show, among other factors: a financial plan for success and sustainability, the amount of additional resources engaged (skin in the game), the size of the impact this new growth is likely to have upon the community, and the perceived likelihood of attaining projected goals.


The deadline to submit Letters of Inquiry is June 1, 2022. If invited to submit a full application, it must be completed and received by the NOW District Office by Nov. 1, 2022.

There are very specific eligibility requirements for this grant. Please be sure your organization qualifies before you begin. If you have questions or need additional info, please email Jim Scriven or Marilyn Allen.

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