New Community Care Grant Available Now!

Big announcement: A new grant focused on caring for our communities just launched!

Ready to learn more? Download the Community Care Grant guidelines.

The COVID-19 Community Care Grant has been impactful over the past few years by providing funds for care gift packages, meals for the homeless, helping to launch a Rooted Experience journal project, and more. Though we no longer face the immediate effects of COVID, our world will always endure challenges, and it is our calling and commission to care for our neighbors. With this purpose in mind, the COVID-19 Grant has been renamed/relaunched as the NOW District Community Care Grant. We’re excited to partner with our ministries to serve our communities!

Read on for an explanation of the key changes:

  1. The new guidelines do not focus solely on COVID-19-related issues but rather on critical challenges facing communities in general.
  2. NOW District ministries may request a grant at any time throughout the year, rather than having to follow the annual grant cycle of deadlines (see: Catalyst Grant and Faith Community Grant)

Community Care Grants are smaller-sized grants of up to $3,000 to help ministries and workers be essential participants in solving the critical challenges facing their communities. Though the pandemic is behind us, it is still important for ministries to address immediate needs, support new ministry bridges, and engage regional partnerships – which is why the NOW District staff opted to revise the COVID Grant guidelines and continue this funding opportunity.

“We have learned that ministry opportunities arise at unexpected times, and the District leaders are eager to help our ministries to be responsive to community needs,” said NOW District President Paul Linnemann. “The Community Care Grant represents our commitment to support our ministries in their efforts to be a blessing to those around them.”

NOW District ministries may request a Community Care Grant at any time throughout the year, rather than having to adhere to deadlines or wait to fit into the annual application cycle. This allows ministries across the Northwest to dream, plan, and implement their ideas quickly, responding to the challenges their communities face, and bringing care to their neighbors.

Community Care Grants are a much smaller funding amount than the other NOW District Grants. Note: This does not mean the total project budget must be under $3,000, as additional funding sources are always encouraged (“skin in the game”). However, Community Care Grants – with the purpose of rapid support to meet current needs – award a maximum of $3,000.

Important Details

  1. Application Process: No annual cycle is required; requests can be made at any time via email to (use subject line: “Community Care Grants”).
  2. Response: Inquiries are reviewed by the District President and his Executive Team on a rolling basis, with a response expected within two months.
  3. Purpose: Grants of up to $3,000 are offered to Northwest District ministries to address critical and immediate community challenges.
  4. Eligible Inquiries: Projects that address critical needs, support new ministry bridges, engage regional partnerships, or serve underserved communities are considered.

Reminder: As with all NOW District grants, recipients are expected to post a story on the NOW District website so others may read about the project’s impact on the community.

Download the Community Care Grant guidelines.

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