NOW Leadership Initiative (NOW L.I.) Raises Up New Leaders

Aug 30, 2021

What does leadership in the Northwest District look like?
According to a survey sent in 2019 to the NOW District
communication lists, some of the desirable qualities of our leaders
include: faith-driven, approachable, adaptable, genuine, Biblically literate,
compassionate, multi-generational communicator, listener,
person of prayer, able to teach, trustworthy, organized, and
respected in the community.

Chances are very good that you know at least one person who
possesses several of these skills/attitudes/behaviors. So what steps
can you take to encourage him or her into leadership? What’s next
to helping them get involved? Thanks to the brand new NOW
Leadership Initiative (NOW L.I.), a strategic plan is at your

The NOW L.I. is a united effort in the NOW District to identify
and prepare God’s people to be laborers for his harvest. Through
this resource, you will find ways to raise up and support a new
generation of passionate individuals to step into a leadership role.
These are men and women of all kinds – some of whom will go on
to serve in professional capacities.

The survey results gave evidence of what the congregations and
members in the NOW District want; that evidence was used to
NOW Leadership Initiative (NOW L.I.) Raises Up New Leaders
form the foundation of the NOW L.I. This data is based on the
feedback of 279 NOW District respondents. Knowing what
ministries are looking for makes it easier to identify new leaders
who have the right skills/attitudes/behaviors to succeed and thrive.
We know what the target is.

As President Linnemann wrote in his introduction letter in the
study: “The Bible Studies within these pages are the first step in
identifying, training, and supporting women and men for a life of
service to God’s mission of loving the world. It is designed to be
used in a variety of ways such as leadership groups (Church
Councils and Boards), group Bible Study, small group ministry,
youth ministry teams, school leadership teams, or for personal use.
Within these pages you will find a way forward in raising up
leaders for the mission of God.”

Cultivating a culture of leadership where leaders raise up new
leaders…. This is especially important in light of the growing
shortage of workers in the Northwest and across the LCMS in
general. Join us in this effort.

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