Youth Workers Retreat Promises Collaboration, Planning

The South Idaho Youth Workers Retreat on Aug. 14-16 is set to gather ministry leaders, volunteers, and their families for a two-day event aimed at enhancing engagement and empowering those involved in youth ministry.

“Finding ways to get youth leaders together – whether DCEs, volunteer leaders, or part-time youth directors – was a really important decision for our team,” Strehlow said. “We want to have opportunities for us to grow together personally, professionally, and find ways to link our churches up so that we can give kids in the South Idaho region a chance to grow in their faith with God and each other.”

Taking place against the backdrop of Camp Perkins in Stanley, Idaho, it is open to all full-time and part-time youth workers, DCEs, pastoral leadership, and volunteers who serve youth and families in South Idaho. One of the organizers for this retreat, Ryan Strehlow from Grace Lutheran Church in Pocatello, said it is designed to equip youth workers with valuable insights and collaborative support. They also plan to host a fall high school gathering this year — with the dates, location, and theme being finalized at this retreat.

Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, participants will also have the opportunity to bring their families along. Camp Perkins offers a picturesque backdrop to enjoy recreational activities and create lasting memories. Strehlow and the rest of the planning team are excited to be able to make this a family-friendly event.

The cost is $250 for a worker and his/her family. The deadline to register is Monday, July 24. Go to the events page on our website for complete registration info and other important details.

The cost of this event is being offset by the Northwest District, LCEF, and Camp Perkins — and we are so thankful for their collaboration with the support that they are providing to youth leaders and their families in South Idaho.

The programming will include a comprehensive range of activities and sessions catering to the unique challenges in youth ministry. Participants can expect to:
·      Grow in their craft through best practices in ministry discussions
·      Lend support to one another in high and low moments in ministry
·      Set a cohesive plan for youth ministry in South Idaho for the year ahead
·      Retreat with their families to recharge and reset so that ministry can have a high impact upon return

One objective of the South Idaho Youth Workers Retreat is to empower ministry leaders by creating a supportive network for collaboration and learning. This gathering will allow them to share best practices and explore ways to effectively engage young individuals in the years ahead.

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