Episode 14: The Listening Leader: A Sign of Maturity

“The Listening Leader: A Sign of Maturity”

The difference between “what” and “how.”
We know the “what:” the story has a good ending.
The challenge is the “how:” what happens between now and then.
We spend a lot of time telling people how things ought to be, instead, we should follow Him in the moment with each person.
Sometimes, we use Easter as a way to dismiss people and how they feel in their suffering.
Instead, let go of coercing, or manipulating people to the place we want them to be.
God’s agenda is much more relaxed and open.
Paul shares a story about Jesus meeting two men on the road to Emmaus, a model for the patient, listening posture.
The listening leader brings openness and flexibility, with a destination in mind.
Resurrection = Transformation. “Death couldn’t maintain its hold on Him.”
Jesus is “known by the scars,” the marks of strength and victory. Baptism joins us to Him.
Alone is not the way, healing and transformation happens with others.
Question to Grow: “How has God used suffering as ‘marks of life’ for me, as a tool for transformation.”

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