Episode 15: Cross My Art: Bridging to Community Through Art — ’Startup Story’” (Part 1 of 2)

Mike and Tabea share the incredible story of the vision and genesis for launching “Cross My Art.” Dust Kunkel visits with Mike and Tabea of “Cross My Art” of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Spokane, a growing mission to the community using artistic mediums to introduce and enrich faith in Christ. Anyone interested in starting something new, or launching a ministry that builds relationships in their community will love this podcast! This is an interview (in two parts) with leaders in the field in the Northwest (NOW) District. The purpose of these interviews is to lift up good news stories and focus on ways we strengthen and add value to our communities. If you laugh a little, learn a little, and get encouraged along the way, then we are meeting our goal for this NOWLeading Podcast segment.

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