March 19 Deadline to Register Congregational Voters

Edit 3/15/23: The LCMS Secretary, Rev. Dr. John W. Sias, has announced the names of the candidates for the Synod president, first vice-president, and regional vice-presidents. Read the official notice here. Every LCMS congregation has two votes for the Synod President: its pastor, who is called and installed, and a lay delegate.


March 19 is the Deadline to Register Your Voters for the LCMS Presidential Election!

The deadline to submit voter registration info for the LCMS President Election is March 19. You MUST be registered online in order to be eligible to vote in June. If you haven’t done so yet, please schedule a meeting to take an official congregation action to select your LCMS presidential voters, and then go online to register them here:

Don’t delay! It may take some time to get credentials or request help from the Synod or Rosters & Statistics. Please don’t wait until the last minute.

On October 24, 2022, a letter was mailed to your congregation from the LCMS Office of the Secretary that describes how to register one pastoral and one lay voter. Here is a brief summary of that info:
— To log in, you will need to use a previously created username and password (these were created in early 2021 when voting on the Convention Referendum; use the “Need Help Logging In” option if you do not remember these credentials).
— Once logged in, you will need to verify/update your two attesting officers who will verify the selections of your presidential voters. If the list of attesting officers needs to be updated, click on “Manage Attesting Officers,” or if no one is listed, click on “Add Attesting Officers.” At least two attesting officers must be entered before you are able to register your presidential voters.
— Next you will need to register your voters. This will be a pastoral voter and a lay voter.
1. The pastoral voter must be called to your congregation/parish BOTH when registered AND at the time the vote is cast. If your congregation/parish expects to welcome a new pastor after March 19, it is important to register a presently-serving pastor (if available) before March 19. After that date, a new pastor can be registered to vote only if he replaces another properly registered pastor, and only if the change is filed before June 9.
2. The lay voter must be a member of your congregation/parish BOTH when registered AND at the time the vote is cast.

Be sure to provide complete information for each voter, as further communication about the actual vote will take place directly with the voter, and the security question will be used in the voting process.

Voters MUST be registered by March 19 in order to be eligible. The election will be held in June. Voting will require a computer and access to the internet. Please make arrangements for your voters, if necessary.

Registrations that have already been properly submitted may be changed until June 9. To submit changes, log back into the website above and follow the on-screen instructions.

For assistance accessing and/or using the registration site, call 314-996-1366 or contact

Other questions or concerns may be directed to the LCMS Office of the Secretary at 314-996-1417 or to

For more info on this process, visit the Synod website.

Complete details for delegates attending the Synod Convention can be found on the events page on our website calendar.

Click here for a PDF of the email reminder that was sent.

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