Serving Military Families in Alaska

Here at AMC, we believe that ALL Alaskans need the love and support offered by the life-changing movement of the Gospel. That is why both of our career missionaries are engaging military personnel and their families in cooperation with the local chaplaincy in Southeast and Interior Alaska.

Praise be to God that He has brought two military veterans into service through Rev. Aaron Spratt (SE AK) and Nate Milan (Interior)! What a blessing that these former servicemen understand the challenges military families can face and are in a unique position to minister.

Missionary to Southeast AK, Rev. Spratt is actively involved in service members’ lives by offering a presence at local Coast Guard events, connecting at milestone life events, and engaging through family activities like sporting events and support groups.

Lutheran Mission Center Coordinator Nate Milan has the goal of building relationships with military families so that they may connect with the local community and, ultimately, the local church. He engages families in a variety of ways, from hunting to hosting BBQs at his homestead.

PLEASE PRAY that this ministry might continue to cultivate relationships and offer support to those facing the distinct challenges of military service. Pray that the work completed by Rev. Spratt and Nate Milan will bring hope and healing in Jesus. AMEN!

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