The NOW Leadership Initiative (NOW L.I.)

The NOW Leadership Initiative (NOW L.I.) launched this past year as a way to identify and prepare God’s people to be workers for his harvest — and it’s finally time to take the next steps. At the 2022 District Convention, a list was gathered of individuals who were recognized by those around them as having the qualities of a good leader. These men and women were raised up to receive tangible support and training in the coming months. But what else can we expect going forward?

On March 21 at 7 p.m., those individuals (plus more who have been recognized since Convention) will gather for an important Zoom meeting with President Linnemann and Rev. Jonathan Priest, Director of Mission Training Center. You can expect this meeting to last about an hour via Zoom. A link was sent by email to those whose names were submitted. If you didn’t get the link or would like to be included, please email

As President Linnemann noted: “The identification of new leaders is a crucial issue for the church now and down the road. The model of the Scriptures is that the people of God work together to identify and support those who are gifted for ministry. We want to encourage the ministries of the District to continue to be on the search for women and men who can serve in leadership positions. Last summer we asked that the congregations of the District bring names forward of people who they wanted to set apart for new leadership roles. On March 21 at 7 p.m., we will be gathering that group and any others that are preparing for new ministry roles in their congregations.

An important component to leadership development in our District is the input of Mission Training Center (MTC). MTC is a collaborative effort of the California-Nevada-Hawaii District, the Pacific Southwest District, and the Northwest District. It has the target of training leaders of all kinds for their particular ministry activities. In January of 2023, MTC brought on a new leader in Rev. Jonathan Priest. He will be talking about the future vision of MTC and how it can help our leadership potential here in our District.”


The NOW L.I.: A Q&A with the District President

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NOW Leadership Initiative (NOW L.I.) Raises Up New Leaders

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