Building For the Future

Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School (FHLCS) is a K-8 school operated by the Westside Lutheran School Association. It sits on a 12-acre campus in beautiful, rural Cornelius, Oregon. Their vision is that every family in the community can access a quality education in a Christian environment. This is a bold vision that they are confident God has placed before them and only made possible through generous support. This support includes a NOW District Faith Community Grant that they applied for and received.

Vital to their vision of access for quality education in a Christian environment is the quality of their school environment, needing to provide a venue for students to thrive in their education and spiritual growth. In 2021, their 50-year old 3rd-5th grade intermediate classroom building had to be demolished due to immediate safety issues.

FHLCS is prioritizing updating the campus through the funding and construction of classroom buildings that will enable the school to serve more students in the coming years. The new building will enable them to double each grade level, thus attracting more families and educators to the value of our education. The NOW District Faith Community Grant awarded to the school in 2020 was instrumental in supporting the rebuilding of the intermediate building on campus, allowing the completion of necessary pre-design work with Johansson Wing Architects. Their plan is to begin construction in 2023.

As Principal Kimberly Brennan wrote: “We believe it is important to prepare students to be citizens in a global community and understand the world around them. We accept the responsibility of opening God’s word and training children in the way they should go by providing practical, meaningful ways they can shine the light of Christ in their school, home, and community. The construction of this new intermediate building will impact and enhance the school and our entire community as a whole, beyond the 3-5 graders it will most directly serve.”

Kimberly Brennan

Principal - Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School (FHLCS)

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