Another Look at “Speaking the Truth in Love”

There were many conversations last year around the “Speaking the Truth in Love” Toolkit. And in an effort to continue those conversations, we launched an updated version and are asking ministries to consider examining it once again (or, perhaps, for the first time).

As President Linnemann noted about the updated version: “I believe this issue is of such importance that we must continue to raise it and consider its impact in our culture, in our neighborhoods, and in our church. You might notice the omission of the term ‘racism.’ This is intentional, because the use of this term focuses us on the problem and not the healthy response we are seeking. It is important that we consider how we are called to respond to people and not to react to an issue. The toolkit itself has been edited to reflect this and to bring together all the parts into a meaningful whole.”

A few points about the “Speaking the Truth in Love” Toolkit:
The toolkit is not intended to make a political statement or do anything other than focus our attention on how we relate to one another as God’s beloved people. There are no hidden motives behind its development.
Ministries should feel the freedom to use and adapt the materials for their unique setting. The Northwest District is a diverse group of ministries in a wide range of settings, and adapting studies such as these is a local responsibility.
Speaking the truth in love is a Biblical principle that should be the foundation of all our interaction. It is God’s picture of how we should relate to one another.

Read the full letter from President Linnemann.

Go here to download the updated toolkit.

All of the resources, including bonus content videos, can be found on our website library.

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