Continuing the Conversation with Part 2 of the “Speaking the Truth in Love” Task Force Toolkit

 August 2022 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

This letter accompanies the final installment of the work of theNorthwest District’s Racism Task Force. The work of the TaskForce is the response to Resolution 2-03b – To Condemn the Sinof Racism – from the 2018 Northwest District convention. Thefollowing resolved is a part of the convention action: 

“that honest conversation about racism and its effects beencouraged in the District by creation of a District Task Force onRacism and its Effects to develop tools to help congregations seeand respond to racism and its effects in their local setting,” 

That has been the objective of the task force in all the materialsthey have provided to help us have such an honest conversationabout racism. Though individuals can find value in readingthrough and studying the toolkit, it is built primarily for groupdiscussion and prayer together. We would also encourage localleaders to adapt the materials as appropriate for their setting. 

This issue has been a lightning rod for our society and culture forsome time, reaching a point of violence some two years ago in thewake of George Floyd’s death. It has become a dividing linebetween family members and between God’s people in the church.Human beings have the tendency to intellectualize an issue that isdifficult rather than looking honestly at their behavior. The “Speaking the Truth in Love About Racism” Task ForceToolkit seeks to confront us with the effects of racism on realpeople who have taken the risk of sharing their stories. I invite youto listen to those stories and take them to heart. As you do so,consider how our Lord Jesus would have us respond to those whohave been hurt. 

It’s in this spirit that these final two studies are brought to you.They are intended to be a starting point of a continuing and deeperconversation about how we can all better reflect the love of Christto one another, no matter our race. It is a godly exercise toconsider how we might truly be a blessing to one another. Godbless you as you journey on this path. 

Serving the Lord and His church,

Rev. Dr. Paul Linnemann

President of the Northwest District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod 

Get the resources:

PART 1 “Speaking the Truth in Love About Racism” TaskForce Toolkit

PART 2 “Speaking the Truth in Love About Racism” TaskForce Toolkit

Download all of the guides and videos in the toolkit 

ALSO WORTH A LOOK: The Racism Task Force Toolkit wasintroduced by President Linnemann during his report at the 2022NOW District Convention. Watch a video clip here. 

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