Kick off 2022 with a NOW District Toolkit

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The NOW District offers many training options through special toolkits available on The newest include the NOW Leadership Initiative (NOW L.I.), The Reflecting Christ Toolkit, and Gospel DNA Toolkit. Each contains a printable guide, study questions, prayer and Bible study, and complementary video/audio pieces that can all be downloaded and utilized by congregations and small groups.
NOW Leadership Initiative (NOW L.I.)

Join the NOW Leadership Initiative (NOW L.I.) and begin to seek out and encourage new ministry leaders!

The NOW L.I. is a united effort to identify and prepare God’s people to be laborers for his harvest. Through this study, you will find real ways to raise up and support a new generation of passionate individuals to step into a leadership role. This starts by working through the toolkit studies available here.
The NOW L.I. will help you recognize those around you who have been gifted to serve, tell them about their gift of leadership (“I See In You”), encourage them to step forward, etc. You will also become more familiar with some of the leadership training opportunities offered through Mission Training Center, Concordia, and the Seminaries. This new toolkit is a great focus idea for any Sunday Bible class, small group, or leadership team.

You can read some of the stories of our own NOW leaders who were encouraged through the words of others around them – and what an impact those words had on their lives. Pam Bridgehouse. Jason Gullidge. Ty Schommer. Linda Borecki.

Reflecting Christ Toolkit

The Reflecting Christ Toolkit was developed following the 2020 All Workers Conference. During the virtual gathering, Rev. Dr. Chad Lakies led participants through the idea of doing ministry in a post-Christian world. This toolkit further unpacks that important topic.

Our society today is very polarized – yet Jesus calls us to respond with love and care. The Reflecting Christ Toolkit features a series of videos, printable discussion guides, and special leadership pages that help to guide users through thoughtful discussions on what this looks like. Many breaks are built in to encourage reflection. The questions and themes within this toolkit can be tough, and even a little personal (Example: “What does it mean to choose politics based on religion?” and “How might your ministry over emphasize Law OR Gospel?”), but they will challenge you toward growth. Leadership teams, Bible studies, and small and large congregational groups will do especially well with this resource.
Everything within this toolkit is geared toward understanding the attitudes and behaviors of others in society – and how we as Christians might discern God’s call for us as we seek to reach out in love. Get started here.

Gospel DNA Toolkit

The Gospel DNA Toolkit is a great resource to help you learn more about the rich and exciting history of the LCMS – and how it can shape the future! This toolkit offers great encouragement as we face the challenges of today’s world. Though it is a few years old, it is still just as relevant today as when it first launched.
There are seven different studies included in The Gospel DNA Toolkit. The majority of the content is based on Texas District President Rev. Mike Newman’s presentations on Gospel DNA at the 2018 NOW District Convention. Newman is the author of

“Gospel DNA: Five Markers of a Flourishing Church.” He thoughtfully unpacked five “Gospel strands” that describe who we are and five myths that inhibit our calling as a missional movement. The Gospel strands are: People, Multiplication, Truth, Adaptability, Self-Sacrifice.


In the middle of these studies you will also hear a message from NOW District President Rev. Dr. Paul Linnemann. The main goals of this resource include:

  • Understanding the connections between LCMS history and how we are called to live the Good News today
  • Developing a greater appreciation for the history of your own congregation and its unique opportunities in your community Growing in our ability to listen to one another
  • Sharing a common language for outreach and Lutheran mission

Gospel DNA is a great focus idea for a Sunday Bible class, small group, or church leaders – including a leadership team considering congregational mission and ministry plans.

Go here to download the toolkit.

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