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Toolkits provide helpful resources for leaders in the field.  There are no “silver bullets” to face complex challenges.  Instead, what is required by leaders and ministry groups is the following:

  1. Dedication to meet and pray together consistently,
  2. Focus on listening to one another, and,
  3. Willingness to identify pathways forward together. 

Toolkits are part of the solution for leaders doing their best work together.  When used in the environment described above, toolkits provide direction and a common vision built on prayer and discussion.

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Gospel DNA Study 7: Self Sacrifice VIDEO

“Self-Sacrifice happens because we show the love that has been shown to us through the ultimate expression of love – Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us.” – Rev. Mike

Gospel DNA Study 5: Truth VIDEO

Study 5: “Truth” VIDEO is the fifth study in this toolkit series. To be used with accompanying Study Guide. Like the other studies, this one focuses on personal reflection, group

Gospel DNA Study 4: Multiplication VIDEO

“Multiplication,” the fourth installment of The Gospel DNA Toolkit, looks at DNA Strand 2 from Rev. Mike Newman’s book, “Gospel DNA: Five Markers of a Flourishing Church.” “Multiplication” dives into

Gospel DNA Study 3: People VIDEO

Study 3 introduces DNA Strand #1, “People,” which was outlined by Mike Newman during his presentations at the 2018 NOW District Convention. Newman shared that our inheritance, our legacy, is

Study 1: Introduction/“The Frontier”

Texas District President Michael Newman explores the legacy of the LCMS and it’s historical missional movement and inspires us to face the challenges of ministry in today’s world with “Gospel