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Blessing Kids in Need in SE Idaho

In a moment when inflation has risen and real economic wealth has declined, especially for those with lower incomes, the opportunity for kids to get a backpack filled with a

Community Partnerships – Working Together!

What started as food insecurity at a local public school and one church member’s desire to help through a weekly food program called Bridging a Gap (B.A.G) has now branched

Caring for Care Centers

“Statistics show a resident of a care center will get a visitor once a month (outside of family if family is involved). I know this to be true because in

What’s Germinating in the NOW District?

Thirty two leaders from across the NOW District, from Pocatello to Anchorage, Spokane to Salem, gathered in Puyallup, Washington on April 21-22 for “Germinate,” a NOW Start Network event to

Coming Soon: A Sabbatical Toolkit

What is a sabbatical, and why is it important? How does it fit into the overall worker wellness picture? And why should ministries encourage their leaders to take one? These

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