Hablar La Verdad En Amor: A Spanish Version of ‘Speaking the Truth in Love’

Speaking the Truth in Love… in Spanish. “Hablar La Verdad En Amor.” That’s right – we are excited to introduce a new version of the 2022 “Speaking the Truth in Love” toolkit translated into Spanish. You can find it here on our website.

Just like the English version, this translation features videos and guides that include prayer, Bible verses, thoughtful questions, and more. Though individuals can find value in reading through and studying the toolkit, it is built primarily for group discussion and prayer together. We continue to expand our toolkit offerings, making them available to people of all backgrounds and ministries. In today’s diverse world, creating resources for communities of differing linguistic backgrounds is helpful in reaching people effectively.

The themes in this toolkit – loving our neighbors, connecting with different groups, understanding unique perspectives — are important for people of all languages to consider. “Hablar La Verdad En Amor” is a valuable way to do just that. By providing this resource in Spanish, many NOW District members will be able to engage with it in new ways. It also offers the ability to share study materials with others who otherwise may have found them inaccessible.

Much like the original “Speaking the Truth in Love,” the new “Hablar La Verdad En Amor” is intended to be a starting point of a continuing and deeper conversation about how we can all better reflect the love of Christ to one another, no matter our background. Users are encouraged to work through the study in a group setting, providing the opportunity for people to encounter God’s Word in an atmosphere of learning and growth. It will also be important to surround the gathering time with prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to guide the conversation.

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